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Fully functional, large print surface, customizable colors and BPA FREE with an excellent price point. The Patriot Shakerâ„¢ combines great looks with the flexibility to be your perfect promotional item. Designed by The Source and produced in the USA means excellent turnaround and quality construction.

Lid Colors:

Sure, we have several standard
colors but our lids are also fully
customizable to match your brand

Mixing Grate:

The flat grate w/handle

Large Print Area:

Branding is about visibility! Why print your logo on a shaker if no one can see it

Options - Standard or Customized:

We offer both clear and black cups as a standard color but why stop there when you can customize it

Precison Spout:

Our snap spout helps prevent spillage. It's fast and neat


Engineered to get a tight closure every time to prevent leakage

Accurate Increments:

Measurements are marked in both ounces and milliliters for accuracy

Built for Speed:

Base fits most cup holders

Who We Are

Branding Visibility:

The Patriot Shaker is the perfect tradeshow giveaway, gift-with-purchase or retail item

Blue Shaker

Made in the USA:

We're proud to say the Patriot Shaker is designed, developed and manufactured in the USA

Black Shaker

Spread the News:

Send us product samples and we'll pack them inside each shaker cup

White Shaker with Black Lid

Save warehouse space:

Quick turnaround means you can order just the amount you need

White Shaker with Red Lid

Excellent Price Point:

Progressive pricing structure means the Patriot Shaker is a gift you can afford to give

Blue Shaker with Silver Lid

QR Code Ready:

Add your Company's Quick Response Code. Our precision printing makes it possible

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